Camera, swivel ball head and batteries not included.

No more having to re-enter your "in" and "out" points. Our sliders STORE your settings even if you remove the batteries.

Don't make the mistake of buying one of those sliders where every time you turn it on - you have to re-enter your "in" and "out" points and other presets.
Our sliders are preprogrammed right out of the box to go back and forth in a loop without bumping the ends. You simply connect your battery, center it, turn it on and you are ready to shoot. You set the speed of your shot with the knob on the control box. The only time you need the Android app is to change your parameters, such as the amount the camera moves, ramping, or when you're in time-lapse mode.

​Our sliders store your settings after you turn it off, or remove your battery. Your settings will be stored and ready for your next shoot. With other sliders, you have to re-enter your "in" and "out" points every time you turn them on. Not only that, their interfaces are complicated and consist of many menus and pages of searching resulting in frustration and confusion. Our app is self-explanatory. You can see how it works just by looking at it.

Time Lapse - Speed and position Control Capabilities!

Android Phone with app installed...$35.00


Carrying Bag Included.


  • Carbon Fiber Rails
  • Weight - 5 pounds.  
  • Weight capacity 17 pounds
  • Length - 31"
  • Leg Length - 2"
  • Finish: Powder coated and Anodized.
  • Tripod attachment 1/4-20 - 3/8
  • ​Camera attachment 3/8

​​Another big difference is that you can use just about any battery between 7 - 12 volts. All you need is a 5.5mm X 2.1mm jack, the most commonly used connector available. You can even use an everyday 9-volt battery. No more expensive proprietary batteries. 

     Camera Slider Features:

  • ANDROID Phone with APP installed.
  • Knob Speed Control
  • Distance travel precision control
  • A USB port for firmware updates.
  • 7 - 12 Volts (batteries not included).
  • (9-volt battery connector included).
  • 5.5mm X 2.1mm dc jack.
  • Time Lapse Ready
  • Precision Delrin Black Wheels
  • Carry bag.