• This Pergear TH1 mini Ballhead has an indexed ratchet locking knob for 360° pan and a double groove for +90°~ -90° tilt movements. Secondary security lock won't let the quick release plate or camera be released except the lock stops the quick release lever from openning fully. A single locking mechanism block for free movements on all axes for greater speed of use. 3/8" or 1/4" screw thread base for tripod and 1/4" 
    screw thread applied to most cameras.


Aluminum alloy material, excellent durability

Ball Height 85mm - 3.34"
Base Diameter 38mm - 1-1/2"
Net Weight: 275g - .60lbs

​Max. Load: 3kg - 6.6lbs

 S w i v e l - Q u i c k - R e l e a s e - B a l l - H e a d

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BallHead - Quick Release
Model: PERGEAR-0014
Priced at $27.99