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 S w i v e l - Q u i c k - R e l e a s e - B a l l - H e a d


  • Aluminum alloy material, excellent durability
  • Built in bubble level indicator
  • Horizontal control knob enables the mounted camera rotates 360° horizontally
  • Scale on the pan for panoramic shoots.
  • ​Two knobs precisely control the ball adjustable angle
  • 1/4" screw thread on plate for easy removal of your camera
  • 3/8" screw mount for tripod


Ball Height 3-5/8"
Base Diameter 2-1/8"
load-bearing 8-12Kg (17.6-26.5 Pound)

Swivel Head - Quick Release
Model: YAECCC-0015
Priced at $27.99