Slider Features:

  • Android App
  • Adjustable speed with knob.
  • Adjustable travel length.
  • Time Lapse Ready  
  • Uses two - 9-volt lithium ion batteries
  • Charger included.
  • Can be used manually.
  • Dc Jack - reverse polarity.

  M a n u a l  S l i d e r / J i b


 A slider and a jib combined

Fits in most midsize cars:

With the longest piece at 60 Inches, this Slider/Jib will fit in most mid-size cars. The counterweight section telescopes out 33 inches, making possible to use with less counterweight than any other jib.  8.5 pounds is all you need when shooting with DSLRs like the Canon EOS 5D Mark II or III.  Designed for cameras up to 6.5 pounds.   

Manual package consists of: 
Slider/Jib, Tripod/Head,

Counter weight strap and Monitor bracket.

Camera, monitor, Swivel Head and weights not included.  


  • Weight - Only 12 pounds.  
  • Length - 7'-6" fully extended. 
  • 1" by 2" Aluminum rect. tubing.
  • Reaches - 9 feet, tripod at five feet.
  • Tripod attachment 1/4-20. 
  • Other attachments - available.

Motorized package consists of: 
Slider/Jib, Tripod/Head, Precision Motor, Control box, cable, Counter weight strap and Monitor bracket.

  M o t o r i z e d  S l i d e r / J i b

Android App


   M o t o r i z e d  

   M o d e l:  M O S J  - 0 0 2  

    Jib Features:

  • Powder coating - semi-flat black.
  • Adjustable telescoping counterweight system.
  • Metal sealed bearings at both pivot points.  
  • Mounting arm for monitor.
  • Camera tilts independently of the boom. 
  • Boom Friction Control.

Manual Slider/Jib 7'-6" long 

Priced only at- $389.00

One of the most practical pieces of gear you'll ever own. 

This is a slider and a jib combined.  You can get that big budget establishing shot and the intimacy of a slider all in one.  This slider is ready to use right out of the box.   However, the features of this slider can be changed with our easy to use Android App.  

If you buy the manual slider/jib, you can add the motor later at your convenience. 

Time Lapse and Speed Control Capabilities!

   M o d e l:  M O S J  - 0 0 1  


Motorized Slider/Jib 7'-6" long 

Priced only at- $489.00

 Monitor Bracket

Swivel Head

Camera, monitor, Swivel Head and weights not included.  

    M a n u a l   

Leg Extensions