Camera, tripod and weights not included.


This jib is 7'-8" ( 92") long.

On Sale only........$165.00

Don't get fooled by the impracticality of big jibs/cranes. 

This jib is big enough to get that establishing shot, yet small enough to use indoors.  With this jib, it's easy to get that big budget perspective, and do to it's light gauge construction, one of the lightest jibs you'll ever use.  Powder coated - Semi Flat Black.


Fits in most midsize cars:

This jib splits into two pieces - the main boom, and the telescoping counter/weight section which can be removed, leaving the main section of the jib at  5 feet, making it possible to fit in most mid size cars. The counterweight section telescopes out 24 inches, making possible to achieve perfect balance and use with less counter weight than any other jib.   Designed for cameras weighing up to 6 pounds.  

   M o d e l:  U - 7 0 0 0  

      Specifications: - Model: U-7 0 0 0

  • Weight - Just under 7 pounds.​  
  • Length - 7'-8" fully extended
  • Material - 1" by 2" Aluminum tubing.
  • Reaches - 10' feet, tripod at five feet.
  • For cameras weighing up to 6 pounds.
  • Tripod attachment 1/4-20. 
  • ​Other attachments - available.


  • Camera centered Mount.
  • Durable powder coating.
  • Adjustable telescopic counter weight system.  (helps you achieve perfect balance.)
  • Mounting arm for monitor​ - optional.
  • Camera tilts independent of the boom. 
  • ​Boom Friction Control.

Camera, tripod and weights not included.